Babore incorporates freeway sweeping and street maintenance .

We are a professional group with innovative solutions, we carry out our work with diligence utilising a team of professionally trained personnel.

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Our operations

Our mechanical cleaning systems with a qualified operator and support crew, have proved themselves as the most economic way of keeping community CBD, Highways, incoming activities and Toll Roads areas clean.

Street and Freeway



Babore is fully accredited and our safety officers are registered with

NOSA who provides occupational health, safety and environmental risk management services and also fully accredited by the Workmen’s Compensation Commissioner

About Babore

Babore is one of South Africa’s major sweeping and cleaning companies, boasting uncompromising standards of excellence in mechanical road sweeping, maintenance and cleansing by using state of the art technology.


A Street sweeper or street cleaner may refer to either a person’s occupation, or machine that cleans streets. A street sweeper cleans the streets, usually in an urban area.

saves water

The operational division offers a full range of road sweeping, maintenance and cleaning services

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