Offered by fully accredited officers

The company remains committed to the safety of its employees at all its working sites by continually seeking ways to enhance safety initiatives in a drive to achieve zero harm pertaining to injuries and fatalities sustained in the workplace.

The company has in the last two years operated without any loss of life and minimum number of injuries during working hours, all this being credited to the introduction of the policy: accident free hours. The targets for which the firm has set with internally qualified safety staff.

Babore (Pty) Ltd strives to attract and retain high caliber of individuals and focuses on developing its them through continual internal and external training programmes. The company policy is to employ local South African residents at all times. The employment of foreigners will not be considered at any stage and the employment of unqualified staff will also not be accommodated as this will ensure that not only do we ensure that we employ our citizens as thee preference but also ensure that they are skilled and adequately trained in their areas of specialisation.

The company is fully accredited with its safety officers registered with:

  • NOSA who provides occupational health, safety and environmental risk management services.
  • Fully accredited by the Workmens Compensation Commissioner.